Iranian regime’s officials meet locals in Assad-controlled Deir ez-Zoor part

Orient Net 2019-08-22 06:20:00

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A meeting was recently held between Iranian regime's officials and locals inside the city of Deir ez-Zoor, the part which is under the Assad regime's control, local sources told Orient News. 

Hajj Rida, the chairman of the Iranian regime's Cultural Centre in the city of al-Mayadin, Hajj Sadeq, the chairman of the Iranian regime's Cultural Centre in Deir ez-Zoor and other Iranian and Assad officilas were in the meeting, Deir ez-Zoor 24 Facebook page said.

The participants agreed on increasing the number of the Iranian Cultural Centres in the Assad-controlled Deir ez-Zoor part.

They also agreed on taking more steps to attract the youth to join the Iranian regime's militias in Syria.

Deir ez-Zoor is divided into two parts by the Euphrates river, the right part is controlled by the Assad militias and their Iranian allies while the left one is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.