Indiscriminate airstrikes continue, 4 civilians in Idlib killed by Assad militias

Syrian activists posted on Wednesday (August 21) photos of what they said airstrikes conducted on the city Saraqib near the high way that connects Damascus to Aleppo where at least four civilians were injured. 

Two civilians killed and many others injured in the town of al-Bashiriya to the west of Idlib, also two civilians were killed after Russian warplanes dropped barrel bombs near the grand mosque in the town of Talmanes.  

On Tuesday at least five civilians were killed by Assad and Russian indiscriminate attacks on Idlib countryside, Orient News correspondent said. 

"Two children were killed in Baynin, one in al-Ghadqa, one in Maarshamrin and one in al-Tah," media activist Anas Tracey told Orient.

The attacks took place in Khan Sheikhoun, Jisr al-Sheghoor, Jarjanaz, al-Kfir, Maaret Herma, Haas, Maaret al-Numan, Deir Sharqi, al-Tamanaa and Khan Sheikhoun.

Hundred of thousands of civilians have fled their homes to the north of Idlib near the Turkish border seeking safer places, according to the United Nations.

Idlib is the largest opposition-controlled area in Syria with a population swollen by the Syrians displaced by Assad terrorists and their allies' advances in other parts of the country.  

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