Assad captured pilot in Idlib says orders given to burn land

The Assad pilot, who was captured on Wednesday (August 14), said, the task of his fellow Assad pilots was to conduct the scorched land policy before the Assad ground forces could progress towards any town or village in Idlib countryside. 

Speaking in pictures posted by Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Assad Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ahmad Suliman, said, Russians gave orders and plans to Brigadier Suheil al-Hasen (The Tiger) to launch attacks on Idlib's town and villages.

"Brigadier Suheil's campaign depends on the scorched land policy. When he intends to storm any axis or village, the task of the airforce is to burn that axis before he makes any progress. And thus he will advance towards a neutral land," the captured pilot said.    

HTS earlier on Wednesday posted footage of what its militants said the Assad pilot whose plane was shot down.

"My name's Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ahmad Suliman. I serve in the Brigade 70. While I was conducting a "Ramz Bayreq Mission" in the east Khan Sheikhoun, my plane was downed. I'm now captured by the opposition fighters," he said.   

Hundreds of airstrikes were conducted on Idlib countryside, killing more than 1000 civilians, injuring dozens of thousands and displacing 400.000 of the population to the north of the major opposition-controlled area.  

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