Iranian militias take part in Idlib offensive

Iranian militias take part in Idlib offensive
Iranian militiamen and their allies are backing Assad militiamen in their offensive on Idlib countryside, Orient News correspondent said.  

The Syrian opposition's National Front for Liberation said its fighters targeted, with Grad missiles, groups of Iranian militias which were trying to progress on the front of Kafr Ein in Idlib southern countryside on Tuesday.

Colonel Ahmad al-Hamada, a Syrian military expert from Idlib, confirmed to Orient that the Iranian militias are taking part in the battles of Idlib.

"The Iranian militias are either defying the Israeli airstrikes which claim to target them in Syria or they are fighting Syrian opposition groups in coordination with the Israelis," al-Hamada said.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition sources confirmed to the Shark Al-Awsat paper on Tuesday (August 13) that Iranian militias were taking part in battles in northern Hama, southern Idlib and eastern Latakia in the northwestern regions of the country. 

Israel  expanded the scope of its Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria, western diplomatic sources said last month after dozens of Israeli airstrikes were conducted in Syria against what was reported to be Iranian locations and targets. 

Israel's prime minister has always vowed to prevent the Iranian regime from securing a lasting presence in Syria.

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