Fighting, Assad-Russian indiscriminate attacks in Idlib continue

Heavy clashes are taking place in Idlib countryside between opposition fighters and anti-Assad factions on one side and Assad militiamen backed with Iranian and Lebanese militias on the other, Orient News correspondent says. 

Opposition fighters and anti-Assad factions targetted the groups of Assad militia in the town of Hbeit and Qasabiya to prevent the sectarian militias from reaching Kafr Ein.

Russian preliminary shells heavily fell on the town of Kafr Ein, Russian Special Forces and Assad militias started an offensive on the town. 

Meanwhile, Hayet Tahrir al-Sham posted aerial footage of what they said a car bomb which targetted the Assad militiamen in the town of Sekik in Idlib southern countryside.

In the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Assad warplanes conducted multiple airstrikes on Tuesday (August 13), leveling civilian houses to the ground. No deaths were reported where most of the locals had already fled their town because of the Assad terrorists' indiscriminate attacks.  

Assad regime's social media outlets posted footage from inside the town of Hbeit where a group of Shabiha was celebrating what they called liberating the town. They wore T-shirts with the pictures of Bashar Assad on their front sides.

Assad militiamen resumed killings and indiscriminate attacks on the fifth of August, breaching the ceasefire reached on the first of the same month. 

Idlib is a large opposition-held area in the northwest of Syria with a population swollen by Syrians who were displaced by Assad militias and their sectarian allies from other parts of the country. 


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