Syrian pilgrims pray to God for punishing Assad, allies during Arafat day

Syrian Muslims gathered by Mount Arafat on the most important day of the Haj pilgrimage on Saturday (August 10), the Day of Arafat, to pray to God for punishing Bashar Assad and his allies following the massacres committed by his regime in Syria especially in Idlib. 

A recent upsurge in violence in northwestern Syria has seen Bashar Assad's regime backed by Russian airstrikes make advances into the opposition-held territory in Idlib and Hama provinces.

Assad regime operations resumed on Monday (August 5) not abiding by commitments set out in a ceasefire agreement.

More than 1000 civilians have been killed in Syria since late April, according to the White Helmets volunteers.

On the Plain of Arafat, Syrian Pilgrim Alaa Watad said he prayed for God to help Idlib and the town of Ariha where heavy bombing in July killed at least 16 civilians, according to rescuers.

Other pilgrims described the horrors of the conflict and asked God to protect the children of Syria.

Throughout Saturday, the Syrian pilgrims will be joined by millions of Muslims from around the world who will stand in prayer on Mount Arafat, the site where Muslims believe the Prophet Mohammad delivered his last sermon.

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