Heavy clashes take place in Hama countryside's al-Zaka

Fierce clashes are taking place between the opposition fighters on one side and Assad militiaman backed by the Russian air force on the other, Orient News correspondent says.  

Assad militiamen have captured the town of al-Zaka in Hama northern countryside, after the relentless bombing campaign on its residential areas, local sources say.

Two Assad military vehicles were destroyed by opposition fighters' anti-armor missiles on the axis of al-Zaka in Hama northern countryside, the National Front for Liberation said on Telegram.   

Earlier on Tuesday, many progress attempts were frustrated in the fronts of al-Zaka, Latamneh and Kafr Zeita.

On Monday, at least four civilians were killed in the city of Morek in Hama northern countryside. 

Hama countryside has Turkish observation posts and it is within the de-escalation zone reached by Turkey and Russia last September.  


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