Minefield kills Assad militiamen in Hama countryside

Orient Net 2019-08-01 10:02:00

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A number of Assad militiamen was killed on Thursday (August 1) in Hama northern countryside while they were attempting to progress towards the anti-Assad factions\\\\ areas, Orient News correspondent said.   

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham's Ibaa news agency said the Assad militiamen were either killed or seriously wounded in the west of al-Zaka village in Hama northern countryside.  

Heavy clashes are taking place between the al-Fatth al-Mobin (the Manifest Conquer) fighters on one side and Assad militiamen and their allies on the other on the axis of Jabin.

Pro-Assad Facebook pages said that 10 Assad militiamen, including senior officers,  were killed during the last two days.

Despite the heavy airstrikes launched by Assad and Russian warplanes on Hama northern countryside, no significant progress was made by the regime militias in the de-escalated zone of Hama countryside.