Hama's Latamneh, Zaka, Kafr Zita bombed by Assad-Russian warplanes

Assad-Russian warplanes have not halted bombing cities and towns in Hama northern countryside, destroying buildings whose people have fled to safer areas, Orient News correspondent says.

The town of Kafr Zita, al-Zaka, al-Latamneh are among the heaviest attacked areas by the radom Assad-Russian airstrikes, The Macro Media Centre and Syrian activist Mahmood Alhamwi reported.  

Similar aerial attacks took place in the city of Morek where the Turkish Observation Post is located. 

Hama countryside is a frontline of the fierce clashes between the opposition fighters and the anti-Assad factions on one side and the Assad militiamen and their Russian allies on the other.  

Heavy losses have been inflicted on the Assad terrorists' the Tiger militiamen by the opposition fighters.

No significant progress has been made by the Assad militias despite the thousands of airstrikes conducted on Hama northern countryside's civilian areas.     

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