Russian warplanes hit White Helmets centre in Hama’s Morek

Russian warplanes targetted the White Helmets volunteers in Idlib countryside's Khan Sheikhoun on Sunday (July 14) as they were rescuing injured civilians, Orient News correspondent said.


The Russian warplanes also hit the White Helmets centre in Hama northern countryside, Orient News correspondent said.  

“A number of vehicles were destroyed, some of them were rendered out of service, while the ceiling of the centre was devastated, but no casualties were reported,” Orient News correspondent explained. 

This is the first aerial attack launched by the Russian warplanes after killing at least 10 people in Idlib countryside’s Khan Sheikhoun and Kafriyya on Saturday (July 13).

More than 540 civilians have been killed in Hama and Idlib countryside since the Assad and Russian militiamen launched their bombing campaign on Idlib countryside and Hama countryside which are within the de-escalation zone.  

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