Assad helicopters kill woman in Hama countryside's Kafr Zeita

Orient Net 2019-07-12 07:04:00

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Assad helicopters are still dropping barrel bombs on civilian neighborhoods in Kafr Zeita, al-Zakat and Latamneh, Orient News correspondent says. 

A woman was killed on Friday (July 12) in the city of Kafr Zeita. She is 51 years old. Her name is Samiha Abdulrazaq.

On Thursday Assad attacks also killed and injured civilians in the city of Latamneh in Hama northern countryside's Latamneh, Mahmood Alhamwi, a Syrian media activist said and posted on his YouTube channel.


Hama northern countryside is controlled by the opposition fighters while the city of Hama is controlled by the Assad militias. It is part of the demilitarized zone reached by Turkey and Russian last September.