Russian warplanes attack Idlib city

Russian warplanes attack Idlib city
Russian and Assad warplanes conducted airstrikes inside the city of Idlib, the heaviest populated opposition area in Syria, in the early hours of Friday (July 12),  Orient News correspondent said. 

One civilian has been killed, while 7 others were injured by Assad-Russian aerial attacks in the city.  

Heavy airstrikes were conducted on the city of Maaret al-Nu'man in Idlib countryside where at least 3 civilians were killed and other 8 civilians injured on Friday. 

Assad-Russian airstrikes also killed 5 civilians, including a woman and injured 20 others in Idlib countryside's Ariha city. 

The Friday prayer was cancelled in Idlib and its countryside due to the heavy bombing in the governorate.

Russian warplanes killed at least 5 civilians in Idlib countryside after targetting the city of Jisr al-Sheghoor on Thursday (July 11). 

Assad and Russian bombing killed 13 civilians and injured dozens in Idlib countryside on Wednesday (July 10). 

Idlib is the largest part controlled by opposition fighters and anti-Assad regime factions with a population of three million Syrians as hundreds of thousands of Syrians were displaced by the Assad terrorists and their allies from Old Homs, Eastern Ghouta, Daraa, Hama city and other areas.   

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