400 Assad-Russian airstrikes conducted on Hama countryside’s Hememiat

Assad and Russian warplanes conducted no less than 400 airstrikes on the strategic hill of Hememiat in Hama northern countryside on Thursday (July 11), Orient News correspondent said. 

“These airstrikes were giving an air cover for the Assad sectarian militias and their allies to make progress on the ground, but 10 progress attempts were repelled by the opposition fighters and their allies.

On Thursday, opposition fighters and anti-Assad factions announced they captured the strategic hill after driving Assad militias from their fortified barricades inside it.

The opposition fighters posted footage from inside the hill, proving that it was Assad militias-free zone.

On Friday, Syrian activists said the opposition factions withdrew from the Hememiat hill, but Orient News say the military action is ongoing. 

Hama northern countryside was within the de-escalation zone reached by Turkey and Russia last September, but Syrians say it is a moribund deal as Assad terrorists have violated it since April 30 when they launched their offensive on civilian areas in Idlib, killing hundreds and displacing hundreds of thousands of civilians without any progress made on the ground.   

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