Opposition fighters capture Hama's Hememiat, repel Assad recapture attempts

2019-07-11 06:34:00

An allied opposition group said they captured the strategic town of Hememiat in Hama northern countryside after they launched preliminary shelling on the Assad sectarian militias inside it.

The National Front for Liberation said its fighters took control of the whole town in the last hours of Wednesday (July 10).

The opposition also shelled the Assad Hama military airport from which the Assad warplanes launch the aerial attacks on civilians in Hama and Idlib countryside. 


Assad militiamen tried to recapture the town of Hememiat in the first light of Thursday hours but all their attempts were frustrated. 

Fierce clashes are ongoing since late April between Assad militiamen and the opposition fighters after the Assad terrorists violated the de-escalation deal reached between Turkey and Russian, taking control over the strategic city of Qalaet al-Madiq in Hama northern countryside.