FSA foils Assad incursion attempts in Hama countryside (video)

FSA foils Assad incursion attempts in Hama countryside (video)
Allied opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation (NFL) shelled on Tuesday (July 9) Assad regime and Russian locations in Hama countryside, the group said on its social media outlets.

NFL posted on Tuesday a video, showing the moments of targeting a joint operations room of Russian military  and Assad militiamen in Bab al-Taqa village in Hama countryside with Grad missiles, killing and injuring Assad militiamen.


Yesterday, Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters thwarted Assad incursion attempts at Tal Meleh and Qasabiyeh battlefronts, killing and injuring dozens off Assad militiamen.

On Sunday, eight civilians were killed, including four women and two children while others were injured after the Assad militias shelled the town of Qastoon from Jorin Camp.

Assad and Iranian militias and Russian airstrikes continuously target opposition-held areas in Hama countryside, causing civilian causalities.

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