Latamneh, Kafr Zeita in Hama countryside continuously bombed by Assad militiamen

Orient Net 2019-07-07 06:03:00

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Assad militiamen and Russian warplanes shell and bomb cities of Kafr Zeita and al-Latamneh in Hama northern countryside round the clock, Orient News correspondent Jamil al-Hasen says.

Media activist Mahmood Alhamwi posts footage videos on his social media accounts of the aerial attacks on the residential areas every day.


On Saturday (July 6), three civilians were killed by the Assad shells in the town of Morek near the Turkish observation point in Hama northern countryside.  

Hama northern countryside is within the de-escalation zone agreement reached by Russia and Turkey last September.

The city of Hama is controlled by the Assad and Iranian militias.

People of Hama largely took part in demonstrations against the Assad regime after the Syrian revolution broke out in 2011.