Assad military ZIL vehicle destroyed by FSA in Hama province

2019-06-30 06:28:00

Jaysh al-Izza, a powerful Free Syrian Army (FSA) group in Hama province, says, its fighters are observing the Assad militiamen's movement on all axes.

The group posted on Saturday (June 29) footage, showing the moments of targeting an Assad ZIL vehicle loaded with ammunition near the village of Kafr Hood, the vehicle was destroyed and all the militiamen were killed.

An anti-armor missile was used in the operation that took place near the Assad Abu Zuhir checkpoint in northwest Hama province.

Meanwhile, Russian and Assad warplanes continued targeting the cities of Kafr Zeita and Latamneh and the village of al-Zaka in Hama province, according to footage posted the Syrian activist Mahmoud al-Hamwi.


Hama province is witnessing heavy clashes between the FSA fighters and other anti-Assad groups on one side and the Assad sectarian militiamen and their allies on the other side. 

Pro-Assad social media accounts and media outlets post photos of the Assad militiamen killed by opposition fighters on different fronts in Hama northern countryside.