Idlib bombing campaign continues, two children killed

Russian and Assad warplanes continue their bombing campaign on Idlib countryside's towns and villages, Orient News correspondent and Idlib Media Centre said.

The airstrikes hit on Sunday (June 30) the cities and towns of Jabel al-Arbin, Kafr Sejneh, Sarjeh and Taftanaz. Two children were killed in the village of Amriyya while three others were injured.


Earlier on Saturday, one woman lost her life after suffering a severe heart attack caused by a Russian airstrike conducted near her house in the town of Mashoon in Idlib countryside.

Also on Saturday, the airstrikes hit Kansafra, Jabal al-Zawia, Jablia, Marazita, Sheikh Mustafa causing damage in civilian properties.

In Hama northern countryside’s Shir Maghar, the Turkish observation point was shelled by regime militiamen, Idlib Media Centre reported on Saturday.

Idlib, Hama northern countryside, Aleppo countryside are within the de-escalation zone deal reached by Russia and Turkey last September. The deal has been daily violated by the Russian and Assad militiamen despite the Russian and Turkish sides renewed it on the twelfth of June.  

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