Civilian killed as Assad militia shells Aleppo’s Zammar

Civilian killed as Assad militia shells Aleppo’s Zammar
Assad militia shelled Monday (June 24) the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Aleppo countryside, killing and injuring civilians and causing material damage, Orient correspondent said.

Assad regime’s artillery fire targeted on Monday night Zammar town, killing Faraj Hassoun al-Aleiwi and injuring other civilians and causing substantial material damage, Orient correspondent added. 

Meanwhile, Assad militias shelled several towns and villages in Aleppo countryside, including Haritan and Jazraya, causing material damage.

On Friday, Russian warplanes targeted a popular crowded market in Reef al-Mohandiseen Althani area in Aleppo countryside, killing at least four civilians, including a child and injuring six civilians.

Aleppo countryside, Idlib and Hama countryside are within the de-escalation zone reached by Russia and Turkey last September.

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