Opposition fighters target Assad militiamen in Hama countryside

A group of Assad regime's militiamen was killed in Hama countryside on Friday (June 21), Local social media reported.

The opposition fighters in the National Front for Liberation have posted a video, showing the moments of targeting Assad regime vehicle at Hardana battlefront in Hama countryside.

A van was destroyed by a TOW missile and several Assad militiamen were killed, the video shows.

Assad warplanes, artillery shells and rockets targeted on Friday civilian homes in several villages and towns in Hama countryside, including Kafr Zita and al-Lataminah, causing substantial material damage.

Assad and Iranian militias and Russian airstrikes continuously target opposition-held areas in Hama countryside, causing civilian causalities.

Assad-Russian warplanes and Assad militiamen have killed at least 487 civilians, including 118 children and 92 women and injured 1487 civilians in Hama and Idlib countryside since April 26, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR).

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