Opposition fighters target Assad militias in Hama countryside's al-Humayrat

The National Front for Liberation, a powerful group of allied opposition fighters, targeted on Sunday (June 16) Assad militias in Hama northern countryside, killing sectarian militiamen and damaging Assad vehicles, the group said on its Telegram feed.

The group fighters attacked Assad militiamen with artillery shells and mortar rounds the town of al-Humayrat in Hama northern countryside, killing a group of the sectarian militiamen, and damaging a tank and a vehicle loaded with ammunition.

The footage showed targeting Assad militamen near their tent on al-Qasabyia axis in Hama northern countryside, the allied group posted in its Youtube channel on Sunday (June 16).

The new offensive, "The Plain Conquer," came after the battle which was called "Defeating the Enemy" in which the opposition fighters took control of Tel Meleh town and other strategic villages in Hama northern countryside.  

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