Syrians take to streets to protest against Idlib bombing campaign, remember Abdul Baset al-Sarout

Orient Net 2019-06-14 14:22:00

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Syrians took to the streets on Friday (June 14) in the northwest of the country to protest against the non-stop bombing campaign by Russian and Assad warplanes and to remember Abdul Baset al-Sarout.

In the town of Qabasin in Aleppo eastern countryside, people gathered in public squares raising pictures of  Abdul Baset al-Sarout and calling on the international community to interfere to stop the massacres that are taking place in Idlib and Hama countryside.

Abdul Baset al-Sarout, the Syrian revolution’s goalkeepers, scummed to his wound on Thursday (June 6) after serious injuries caused in the battles against the Assad regime in Hama countryside.

Abdul Baset al-Sarout laid to rest in the town of Dana near the Turkish border after holding a mass funeral for him, where most opposition figures inside Syria took place in it.