Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons

Orient Net 2019-06-10 20:44:00

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 Israeli prime minister accused the Iranian foreign minister of "lying" on Monday (10 June) and said he will never "allow Iranian regime to develop nuclear weapons that threaten our existence and endanger the entire world."

"Iran is the one that openly threatens, every day, to destroy the State of Israel. Iran continues to entrench itself militarily in Syria. And today, the IAEA reports that Iran is accelerating its nuclear programme," Benjamin added.

Recent weeks have seen US-Iranian confrontation sharply increase, a year after Washington abandoned an agreement between Iran and world powers to curb Tehran's nuclear programme in exchange for the lifting of international financial sanctions.

Washington tightened sanctions from the start of May, ordering all countries and companies to halt all imports of Iranian oil or be banished from the global financial system.