National Front for Liberation fighters continue offensive on regime in Hama province

Fighters in the Syrian opposition’s National Front for Liberation continued on Friday (June 7) their major offensive on the Assad regime and its allies' positions in Hama northern countryside, Orient News correspondent said. 

The powerful allied group said it shelled the Assad Hama Military Airbase with Grad missiles and also targeted other military positions.

Activists said that large explosions were heard in the Hama Military Airbase following the opposition shelling where a helicopter was set on fire and at least three Assad militiamen were killed.

Activists also posted photos of what they said IDs of Assad militiamen captured during the fierce battles that took place in Hama northern countryside.  

Syrian opposition fighters started a major offensive on the Assad regime positions in Hama northern countryside on Thursday, naming their battle; “Defeating the Enemy”, and capturing strategic towns and villages, including Tel Melleh and Kafr Hud.

The National Front for Liberation is an alliance of opposition fighters who conduct military acts far from contact or coordination with the Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham.

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