Idlib, Assad kills five in Maaret al-Numan, bombing continues

Idlib, Assad kills five in Maaret al-Numan, bombing continues
Assad and Russian warplanes are still targeting cities and towns in Idlib, killing and injuring dozens of civilians, Orient News correspondent said. 

On Thursday (May 30), five civilians were killed in the city of Maaret al-Numan in Idlib countryside, including children, and many other civilians were injured in the city, Idlib Media Centre said.

Hadi al-Abdulllah, a well-known Syrian journalist, visited the scene of the attacks and he talked to the victims' parents and relatives. They expressed their extreme anger because the international community and the Arab states are doing nothing to halt the attacks on Idlib. Hadi said that a young man was stuck under the collapsed ceiling and the White Helmets volunteers were trying to recover his body, according to the posted pictures.

Similar attacks were reported on Thursday in Khan Sheikhoun, Bedama and Sarjeh.

On Wednesday (May 29), 20 civilians were killed in Idlib countryside; 7 in Sarjeh town, 4 in Bara town and 3 in in the town of Hbeit, all of them were killed by airstrikes. Other fatalities were reported in other villages.  

On Tuesday (May 28) 23 civilians were killed in the north of Syria, the biggest death toll was in Kafr Aleppo in Aleppo countryside where bodies were burnt beyond recognition following the Assad-Russian airstrikes.

The bombing campaign has killed more than 220 civilians and injured hundreds, displacing at least 180.000.

Idlib, Hama northern countryside and Aleppo countryside are within the de-escalation zone reached by Russia and Turkey last September. Russians don't abide by the deal, Syrians in the deal areas say.

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