Russian troops seen on Hama northern countryside front

2019-05-28 10:20:00

A Russian website has posted a report showing Russian troops on the frontlines along with Assad militiamen against Syrian opposition fighters in Hama western countryside.

NEWS FRONT explained that the Russian troops are taking part on the ground because of the bad combat conditions of the Assad militiamen on the ground. 

The task of the Russian troops is to observe the positions of the Syrian opposition fighters and the populated areas, according to the report which also pointed out that the Russian troops could approach an area of 300 meters from the opposition fighters.   

It is worthy to mention that the opposition’s National Front for Liberation said that a number of the Russian troops were killed and injured in an ambush in Hama northern countryside.

Clashes were described as the fiercest are taking place between the opposition fighters and Assad militiamen in the city of Kafr Nabodeh which was captured and lost by the opposition fighters.   

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