Assad militiaman killed by Israeli fires in Quneitra

Orient Net 2019-05-27 21:22:00

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Israel struck an Assad military target in Quneitra on Monday after an anti-aircraft missile was launched earlier at an Israeli fighter jet, the Israeli army said.

Also Monday, a report in the Lebanese media outlet Al Mayadeen said an Israeli drone struck a reconnaissance compound in southern Lebanon. An additional report said the Lebanese army was at the scene investigating the compound, which is said to be Israeli.

According to Assad media, one officer was killed and two others were wounded in the strike, which took place Monday afternoon. The report added that Assad air defense attacked an unmanned aerial vehicle that entered Syrian airspace near the southern suburb.

Residents in the Golan Heights told Haaretz that they heard military jets and blasts from the nearby border with Syria.

The Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson said it earlier identified anti-aircraft fire at a fighter jet on a routine flight earlier on Monday. The IDF said it struck the launch site in response.

The statement called the incident abnormal, as the attack took place in Israeli airspace, “a violation of Israeli sovereignty” in the Golan Heights.