Mine kills four children in Deir ez-Zoor

Orient Net 2019-05-24 09:49:00

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Four children lost their lives on Thursday  (May 23) when a mine exploded in a town of  Deir ez-Zoor eastern countryside, local sources reported.  

Deir ez-Zoor 24 Facebook page said that four children were killed and at least fifteen others were injured, most of them from one family, when a mine exploded in a house in the town of Khasham.

The injured people were taken to hospital for treatment in the town of Mehaimeda.

On Tuesday, a woman was killed and two others were injured by a mine explosion in the town of Sousa in Deir ez-Zoor countryside.

Explosions caused by ISIS remains are reported in Deir ez-Zoor where the PKK-affiliated Syrian Democratic Forces and Assad militiamen control the two separate halves of the oil rich Syrian area.