Russian warplanes attack Hama countryside's Jib Ramleh

Russian warplanes attack Hama countryside's Jib Ramleh
Russian warplanes conducted airstrikes on the village of Jib Ramalleh in Hama northern countryside without casualties reported, according to Orient News' Jamil al-Hassan.

Assad missiles and artillery shells were also fired on the Latamaneh and Kafr Zeita, burning farmlands on Sunday (May 19).

The Assad militiamen are seeking to take control of Hersh al Karkat which is the gateway for Shashaboo Mountain, the strategic mountain that overlooks the Turkish observation point.

At least four Assad militiamen groups were killed in the last hours. The total number of the Assad militiamen killed by the opposition has reached 200, including 52 Assad officers.

The Palestinian al Quds Brigade militiamen are also taking part in the battles against the opposition National Front for Liberation fighters.

There is a lull in the airstrikes and missile attacks following the temporary truce announced on Saturday, but the opposition fighters said they would not abide by the truce unless Assad militiamen withdraw from the areas which they captured in Hama northern countryside, including the Qalaat al-Madiq and Kafranbodeh.    

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