Russians seek to take control of Hama countryside's Kabana, why?

Russians seek to take control of Hama countryside's Kabana, why?
Russian warplanes and rocket launchers are supporting Iranian and Assad militias in attacking Syrian opposition for the 13th day in a row to take control of the 'Kabana Hill' in Hama northern countryside. 

If the Assad militias capture the Kabana position and set up rocket pads, many opposition areas will be under their fire, the Defected General Ahmad al Rahhal says.     

The opposition fighters say they are determined in defending the Kabana Hill no matter what might be the cost.

Strategic location

Kabana is considered one of the most important locations for the Free Syrian Army factions. Its fall will lead to the loss of many areas, such as the al-Ghab plain, Jisr al-Sheghoor, Jabal al-Karad, Bidama, and al-Najia in the Jisr al-Sheghoor western countryside.

On his part, the leader of the opposition National Front Mohammed al-Kamel told Orient that the Assad militias tried in recent days to storm the Kabana Hill and they lost dozens of their sectarian militiamen thanks to the strong fortifications in the region.

Al-Kamel pointed out that the Assad militias were reinforced by well-trained Iranian militias to storm the area but all their attempts were in vain. 

Al-Kamel added that his group managed to fortify the entire axis on the fronts of coastal areas, preventing any Assad attempt to progress.

The Assad militia, supported by the Russian occupation, is launching a military campaign on the villages of Hama northern countryside and Jabal al-Karad in the Syrian coastal areas to control over the military positions, but the fighting factions have repelled their offensive.  

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