Palestinian militia backs Assad in north of Syria

Palestinian militia backs Assad in north of Syria
The "Palestinian Liberation Army" militia has posted photos online, proving that its members are taking part in battles of Hama northern countryside and Idlib southern countryside with the Assad militiamen against the Syrian opposition fighters. 

The photos showed the Palestinian militiamen on the fronts of Idlib countryside, firing medium shells on civilian areas where at least 180 civilians were killed in the last week by the Assad missiles and the Russian warplanes. 

Palestinian militias have taken part in suppressing the protests against Bashar Assad's regime in Aleppo's Nairab camp, Sweida countryside and other Syrian protesting areas.

"The Palestinian Liberation Army" is led by General Mohammad Tareq al-Khadra, and it gathers hundreds of Palestinians who have been forcibly or voluntarily recruited in this militia to liberate Palestine from the Israeli forces but Syrians say that their guns were turned against Syrians.

It is worth to note that Assad regime's Palestine Security Apparatus is the most notorious security centre where dozens of thousands of Syrians were finished off or tortured to death in a centre which was meant to deal with Syrians who deal with the Israelis.

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