Anti-YPG protests continue in Deir ez-Zoor

Orient Net 2019-05-09 07:49:00

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Syrians in Deir ez-Zoor continue to take to the streets for the third week against the rule of PKK-affiliated YPG, local sources say.

The protests which erupted weeks ago in several towns and villages from Busayrah to Shuhail have now spread to remaining areas, including Hamar Ali town in Deir ez-Zoor western countryside.

Protesters have been complaining of lack of basic services, discrimination against Arabs in local administrations in addition to imposing the forcible conscription.

“Their repressive rule has turned many against them,” said Abdul Latif al Okaidat, a tribal leader.

The protests took a violent turn when angry mobs took to the streets and disrupted the routes of convoys of trucks loaded with oil from nearby fields that cross into regime-held areas.

This is the largest wave of unrest to sweep the oil-rich region since the US-backed militias took over the territory from ISIS nearly 18 months ago.

The YPG has long sold crude oil to Assad regime of Bashar with whom it maintains close economic ties and exports wheat and other commodities through several crossings between their territory.