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Russian airstrikes shut three Syrian hospitals

Orient Net 2019-05-06 08:07:00

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Russian warplanes and Assad militiamen shelled on Sunday (May 5) the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of Hama and Idlib countryside, killing and injuring dozens of civilians and destroying three hospitals, Orient correspondents said.

Russian warplanes shelled on Sunday afternoon Kafranbel Hospital, known as Orient Hospital, and Hass Hospital, known as Nabd al-Hayat Hospital, in Idlib countryside and Kafr Zita Hospital in Hama countryside.

In Hass, airstrikes blamed on Russia halted services at an underground hospital, said Syria Relief and Development, a non-governmental organization that runs the facility.

The hospital is out of order because of the raids, said Ubaida Dandush, who works for the NGO.

The facility had been evacuated shortly before the bombardments, he said, thanks to alerts from a warning system set up to analyze the flight paths of warplanes.

Idlib countryside and Hama countryside are within the de-escalation zone reached by Russia and Turkey last September. Russian warplanes and Assad militiamen have killed hundreds of Syrians since the de-escalation deal reached.