Child dies from acute malnutrition in al-Hol camp

Orient Net 2019-04-30 11:07:00

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A child died on Monday (April 29) in the al-Hol camp in north-east Syria due to acute malnutrition and the lack of health care, local social media reported.

An Iraqi child died after his health deteriorated due to acute malnutrition and the severe lack of health care in the camp, Euphrates Post reported.

Around 2,500 foreign children are stuck in a guarded section at the al-Hol camp after fleeing ISIS’ last stronghold, UN said earlier this month, urging governments not to abandon them.

Some 211 children were among at least 260 people who died of malnutrition or disease en route to the camp since December, the latest UN figures show.

“The number of injured women and children was overwhelmingly high. We were stunned. I have never seen before in my life what I saw in the camp,” Dr. Yasser Joha told UNFPA from al-Hol camp. 

More than 63,000 people arrived in al-Hol Camp between December and the end of March. The vast majority are women and children, according to UN partners. Many walked for days before reaching the camp. 

Al-Hol’s current population now stands at over 73,000 people. The influx has slowed since the end of March, but there remain significant concerns, including a high burden on existing health services and limited capacity at secondary health care and trauma facilities.