Rainstorm displaces thousands of Syrian IDP families (video)

Rainstorm displaces thousands of Syrian IDP families (video)
Rainwater has flooded Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Idlib and Aleppo, north of Syria, Orient correspondent said.

Idlib countryside and Aleppo countryside witnessed on Sunday (March 31) a rain storm which damaged dozens of the scattered camps in northern Syria, especially IDPs’ camps in Atma, Qah, and Kherbet Eljoz near the Syrian-Turkish borders, Orient correspondent added.

Torrential rain and floods swept some of the camps and displaced 8,000 families after their tents were destroyed. 

The IDPs appealed to humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and INGOs to help them find solutions and alternatives to their random camps.

Civil defence teams have been operating  to meet the humanitarian calls and to address the tragic situation.

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