Thousands finished off at Assad al-Mezzeh Hospital

Thousands finished off at Assad al-Mezzeh Hospital
During the Syrian revolution, the Assad regime has used military hospitals as slaughterhouses, turning them into detention centers belonging to the security branches.

More than 6,000 people were executed in less than two years by the Assad regime at al-Mezzeh 601 Military Hospital near Damascus, the Syrian Jurists Commission (SJC) has revealed in a memorandum to the UN’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria (IICISyria), calling the hospital a “slaughterhouse.”

There are special departments for detainees in all military hospitals, a member of SJC told Orient Net. With the start of the Syrian revolution these departments turned to centers of investigation, torture and murder,” he added.

15,000 detainees were killed under torture or other means in military hospitals until 2013, lawyer Abdel Nasser Hoshan said. The evidence and documents prove that more than 6000 detainees were killed during the first 21 months of the Syrian revolution in al-Mezzeh 601 Military Hospital, he added.

He pointed out that the memorandum submitted to the International Commission of Inquiry documented the names of the doctors, officers, nurses and the military and civilian institutions involved in the killing and torture of detainees inside the military hospitals.

There is a section on the second floor under the ground in Tishrin Military Hospital called alternative ambulance, Abu Hamza, a witness who used to work as an anaesthetic technician at Tishrin Military Hospital in Damascus told Orient Net. With the beginning of the revolution, this section turned into a special wing for the detainees and civilians injured during demonstrations, in which they were killed under torture, he added.

The commission provided evidence of torture and extrajudicial killings committed by Assad militias at the al-Mezzeh hospital, including the testimony of an Assad regime dissident and the names of several Assad militiamen and doctors who committed the abuses.

Pickup trucks enter every few days behind the military hospital to transfer the dead bodies to Najha cemetery in Damascus or to holes in nearby farms to bury or burn the bodies so as to remove any evidence of torture.

The 601 Hospital is believed to be one of the detention centres at which the Caesar photos were taken in 2014, which documented 11,000 victims who had died from torture during their detention.

The memo concluded with an appeal for the UN’s independent commission to investigate the crimes committed at Hospital 601 and hold the perpetrators to account.

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