IED injures civilian in Idlib city (photos)

IED injures civilian in Idlib city (photos)
An explosion ripped through Idlib city on Monday (March 25), injuring a civilian, Orient correspondent said.

An improvised explosive device (IED) exploded on Monday early morning in a car in al-Qusoor neighborhood, injuring Imad al-Muhbani, Orient correspondent added.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blasts.

On Friday, three explosions ripped through Idlib city, killing two civilians and injuring three other civilians.

Several explosions have blasted the densely populated opposition-held areas in northern Syria.

Idlib is the biggest part of Syria still held by opposition fighters, with a population swollen by Syrians who have fled and forcibly displaced following the regime’s advances in other parts of the  country.

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