Friday prayers suspended in Hama countryside

Orient Net 2019-03-22 13:11:00

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Assad artillery shells targeted a mosque in al-Hawija village in Hama countryside at prayer time on Friday (March 22), Orient correspondent said.

Meanwhile, Assad artillery shells targeted  on Friday noon civilian homes in Jisr Beit ALras village in al-Ghab plain, injuring two civilians.

NO causalities were reported at the mosque. 

The local councils  in several villages and towns Hama countryside, including Morek, al-Shariaa, and al-Hawija decided to suspend today’s Friday prayers due to the intensity of the Assad shelling and Russian airstrikes which killed and wounded civilians in the last few days.

The decision asked civilians to perform the prayers at home instead of mosques for safety reasons.

Hama countryside is within the de-escalation zones reached on Syria by the three guarantor states; Russia, Turkey and the Iranian regime.