Demonstration near Omari mosque in Daraa to revive revolution

Orient Net 2019-03-19 07:47:00

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Dozens of Syrian demonstrators took to the streets on Monday (March 18) in Daraa, chanting anti-Assad slogans, local sources told Orient.

Peaceful protesters hit the streets near the Omari mosque in the city centre on Monday afternoon, the local sources added.

On Sunday, several anti-Assad slogans were written on the walls in several towns and villages in Daraa countryside, including, Busra al-Harir, al-Karak, al-Mataaiya and Nasib.

“The Syrian people want to overthrow the Assad regime,” “the revolution is continuous,” and the famous hashtag “it will fall” the graffiti slogans read on the walls of public buildings.

Last week, Syrians in Daraa took to the streets to protest against the Assad regime's militias after the Assad regime's militiamen were preparing to build a new statue for Hafez Assad, Bashar's father, in the city, calling locals to take to the streets to show allegiance to the Assad dictatorship.

The Syrian revolution broke out in 2011 when children wrote on their school walls anti-Assad regime slogans.