Local council in Syria's Azaz says infrastructure renovated

Local council in Syria's Azaz says infrastructure renovated
The head of the council in the Syrian city of Azaz near the Turkish border said that the drinking water network was completed and all Syrians there could have water without being obliged to buy tankers.

Speaking to Orient News' Khalid Abo al-Majed, Mohammad Kenno, the head of the local council, said, that building the water network in the city was very important after the intense Assad attacks which caused extensive damage in infrastructure and civilians' houses. 

"We started serious work in paving streets of Azaz. The beginning was from the city centre and we continued to the sides," Kenno said. 

The roundabouts were also renovated. Electricity will reach to most houses. We will light the streets, an engineer in the local council said. 

Azaz was among the first cities which were liberated from the Assad regime's militias. It was controlled by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) for two years then ISIS terrorists took control of it. FSA fighters backed by the Turkish Military drove ISIS terrorists from the city in 2016.  

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