Three children dead in camp fire in Hasaka countryside

Orient Net 2019-03-09 09:04:00

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A fire ripped through a refugee camp in Hasaka countryside on Friday (March. 8), killing and injuring civilians local social media reported.

Three children died, including the infant son of Shamima Begum, and two women were injured and dozens of tents burnt in Roj camp in Al-Malikiyah city in Hasaka countryside, Sharqia 24 reported. 

Begum, whose first two children also died, was stripped of her British citizenship last month on security grounds after she was discovered in a detention camp in Syria.

The 19-year-old left London to join ISIS when she was 15. She had sought to return to Europe with her third child, who was born about three weeks ago.

Last month, sixteen Syrian IDPs were injured by an explosion of gas cylinders warehouse in the Hasaka eastern countryside's al-Hool camp.