Israel fires missiles in Quneitra

Orient Net 2019-03-04 09:05:00

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Israel bombarded the southern province of Quneitra on Sunday (March 3), targeting Iranian regime-funded militia, and causing material damage, special sources told Orient.

Israeli troops fired several shells on a military base in village of Khader in Quneitra countryside, targeting two Iranian regime-funded militiamen (Sanad al-Bassar and Fahim Abu Qais), the special sources added.

Israeli forces fired a single shell at the Syrian village of Khader just across the Golan Heights border late Sunday,  the Assad-run news agency (SANA) reported.

According to SANA, the shell did not cause any injuries or damage.

Israel has mounted attacks against Assad regime as part of its effort to counter the influence carved out there by Iranian regime, which has supported Bashar Assad in his war against Syrian people.