5 killed when car explodes in Syria's Jarabulus

5 killed when car explodes in Syria's Jarabulus
An explosion ripped through the city of Jarablus in the north of Syria on Thursday (Feb. 21), killing and injuring bomb disposal experts, Orient correspondent said. 

Five persons were killed, including three FSA bomb disposal experts when a car bomb exploded Thursday near Jarabulus, Orient correspondent added.

The car loaded with explosives from YPG/PKK-controlled Manbij detonated in Gandura.

Earlier on Thursday, a car bomb exploded near Deirsim Hospital in Afrin city, killing at least 2 civilians and injuring twenty other civilians and causing material damage.

A FSA-Turkish operation, Olive Branch Operation, was launched in 2017, driving out and neutralizing the Kurdish militias in 2018.

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