Assad severe bombardment displaces thousands in Idlib countryside

Orient Net 2019-02-20 06:55:00

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Thousands of civilians were forcibly displaced from Idlib countryside as the Assad regime continues its bombing campaign of the opposition held areas, Orient correspondent said.

70% of the civilians have left Khan Sheikhoun town towards Idlib city and towards the camps near the Syrian-Turkish borders, Orient correspondent added.

On Tuesday, Assad regime’s rockets shelled civilian homes in Khan Sheikhoun, killing five civilians and injuring  five other civilians.

Assad militias have repeatedly shelled the towns and villages of Idlib countryside over the past two weeks, causing civilian causalities and destroying civilian homes.

Orient camera documented Assad severe bombardment on Khan Sheikhoun town on Tuesday (Feb. 19).

These bombing campaigns implement a violation of the conditions of the Sochi agreement reached by Turkey and Russia in September.