Idlib countryside shelled by Assad militias

Idlib countryside shelled by Assad militias
The Assad regime’s militias renewed shelling on the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of Idlib countryside on Tuesday (Feb. 19), killing and injuring civilians and causing substantial material damage, Orient correspondent said. 

Assad regime’s rockets shelled on Tuesday morning civilian homes in Khan Sheikhoun town in Idlib countryside, killing five civilians and injuring four other civilians, Orient correspondent added. 

Meanwhile, Assad regime’s artillery and rockets shelled Maarat al-Numaan city and Hbit village in Idlib countryside, causing substantial material damage.

Yesterday, Assad regime’s rockets shelled several villages and towns in Idlib countryside, killing a civilian and injuring ten other civilians, including five children and a woman.

Assad shelling on Idlib countryside has killed and injured dozens of civilians, including women and children during the last six days.

A de-escalation zone deal on Idlib was reached by the Russian and the Turkish presidents last September to halt the Assad regime and its allies’ attacks on the northern Syrian city and its countryside.

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