French 'yellow vest' protester loses fingers, cars burnt in Paris

One man had his hand mangled by a small explosive during a "yellow vest" demonstration, after protesters scuffled with police in Paris on Saturday (February 9). .

Thousands of French demonstrators marched along the French capital's Champs Elysees towards symbols of power such as the National Assembly and Senate for their 13th weekend of action against President Emmanuel Macron.

Though mainly peaceful, some protesters threw objects at security forces, a scooter and a police van were set on fire, and some shop windows were smashed.

One participant's hand was injured with four fingers severed, when he tried to pick up a so-called "sting-ball grenade" used by police to disperse crowds with tear gas next to the National Assembly, a police source told Reuters.

Leaders of the "yellow vest" movement have denounced the police for injuring protesters, but have also struggled to contain violence from their own lines.

The Interior Ministry put the total number of protesters around France at 12,000, including 4,000 in Paris. A police source, however, said numbers were higher, with 21,000 demonstrators taking part in rallies outside Paris.

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