Iranian regime’s Khamenei visits tombs of mercenaries killed in Syria

Orient Net 2019-01-31 07:07:00

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The Iranian Regime’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei  visited on Wednesday (January 30) the tombs of Iranian mercenaries and militiamen who were killed in Syria, Iranian media outlets reported.

Khamenei  visited the graves of “Martyrs of Defending Sacred Symbols”, “The Martyrs of the Iranian Revolution” and the Martyrs of the Iranian-Iraqi War.

The grave of the former Iranian supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini in Janet al-Zahraa Graveyard was also visited by the Khamenei , as the Iranian regime is marking what it names the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, according to Fars news agency.

Liwa Fatemiyoun (Fatimiyoun Brigade), is an Iranian sectarian militia, has been sent to Syria by the Iranian regime since 2012 to suppress the Syrian revolution. 

Afghani refugees in Iran were also recruited by the Iranian regime  and sent to kill Syrians under similar sectarian names, including the Liwa Zainebiyoun, Hezbollah.

Last week, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo tweeted that US Treasury sanctioned Iran’s regime for preying on refugees, using them as cannon fodder in Syria. 

The sanctions came  just days after Germany banned Mahan Air, and after recent action against the regime’s despicable use of child soldiers. Maximum pressure continues, Pompeo said.