Second tornado in 3 days hit Turkey's Antalya

Second tornado in 3 days hit Turkey's Antalya
The second tornado in three days struck Turkey's southern Antalya province Saturday, flipping buses and causing damage to planes and the city's international airport.

After a rough evening, authorities said 12 people had been injured, two buses and a minibus had overturned and two sets of airstairs had toppled over due to high winds.

Speaking to Turkish news channel NTV, Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu said that two planes and a police helicopter had suffered significant damage in the storm. He stated that none of the injured were in critical condition.

He said authorities are surveying the damage and doing their best to clean up the airport to avoid further delays.

The powerful storm started Wednesday night, hitting Antalya's Kumluca, Kemer and Finike districts and damaging buildings, agricultural areas, and vehicles.

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