Child dies of cold in Rukban camp

Child dies of cold in Rukban camp
A child died on Wednesday (Jan. 9) in the al-Rukban camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border due to due to the cold weather and lack of heating materials, local social media and activists reported.

Sumaya Mohammed al-Salem, 3, died due to the cold weather and her family ’s inability to buy heating fuel, khaled al-Ali, a media activist in al-Rukban reported on his Facebook page.

Last week, a 7 days old infant died in the camp after her health deteriorated due to a hepatitis infection following delayed treatment in the UNICEF medical clinic.

Last year, several civilians, including children died in al-Rukban camp because they were not allowed to be transferred to Jordanian hospitals to receive medical treatment.

The civil administration of the al-Rukban camp has appealed to provide the forcibly displaced persons in the camp with basic supplies.

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