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YPG militias dig trenches, tunnels in northern Syria

Orient Net 2018-12-19 06:55:00

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The PKK-affiliated YPG militias are digging trenches and tunnels in the northern Syrian city of Ein al-Arab near the Turkish border, drone footage shows. 

A Video recently obtained by Anadolu Agency showed the the militia men digging trenches and tunnels, near Turkey's Sanliurfa presumably to hinder Turkish armored vehicles from crossing the border for an expected operation east of the Euphrates River.

In order to connect their positions near the border, the militiamen are using cement to fortify tunnels and trenches spanning two meters tall by one meter wide (6.5 feet tall, 3.2 feet wide).

The footage also showed buildings thought to be local police stations with photos of militiamen on their walls.

Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch was launched last January in the northwestern Syrian city of Afrin to take control of it.

Similar pictures and footage showed YPG/PKK militiamen surrounding Syria's Menbij with the same method.